Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bourjois: Healthy mix serum foundation

   Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation review here!!! hehe I am in the shade 53 and this is actually a perfect match for my skin!! wehhee!! It's actually pretty hard to find the right shade when shopping at the drugstore because its either they don't have samples or the lighting can be misleading. But yea! It's all good!! since I got the right shade~

    I actually really like this foundation because it really fits my skin type. I have oily combination skin. This foundation is quite light weight on the skin so my skin doesn't really feel caked up. It last quite a long time on my skin despite the really hot weather. I also love the scent of this foundation! It's kinda fruity? but yea ! here are swatches and how the packaging looks like

 I like the packaging because it isn't bulky and funky shaped.. haha also I like how there is a pump because it doesn't get infected with germs also it is neat when the product is used. Especially products without the pump you can either pour out too much or pour it / spill it somewhere where make up shouldn't be... like your carpet.....

 This is how the product looks when not blended~ 

Left side: no foundation
Right side: thin layer of foundation blended
I would say the foundation has a medium coverage. As you can see the left side the veins are clearly seen. But on the right side you can barely see the veins~ The staying power is pretty good. The package claims in stay for 16 hours but for my skin it stayed for around 10 hours. The finish of this foundation is satin~ itsn't too matte or too glossy~~ That is still pretty good for me~~ 

So Yeah!!! end of post! hope you guys enjoyed this !! 
any questions? Don't hesitate to ask :)

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Monday, 10 September 2012

L'Oreal: infallible 021 sahara treasure

A beautiful golden colour by L'Oreal.  It is one of their Infalliable eyeshadow in 021 Sahara Treasure. I've actually purchased this product a while back but didn't really know how to use it. I tried using a flat shader brush or even my finger but it didn't apply the way I wanted it to. One day I just picked up a fluffy blending brush and it worked beautifully. I use this colour as a all over lid colour or an accent colour. Simply beautiful! I can't believe me it too this long for me to love this product.

Here is how the packaging looks like as well as a swatch ~ 

It is a very nice golden colour. It isn't actually like gold.. gold but like a rusty gold colour~ 

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July & August MAC Eye shadow favorites

Here are swatches from my July & August MAC eyeshadows also how the empty quad looks like.

This was how my quad looked like majority of July and August. I love this quad because I can pick different colours for different looks. Since I travel alot I can't bring all my make up so I try to bring minimal items. Two top colours are Brule and Honey lust and the bottom two colours are wedge and espresso. With these colours I can do a full matte look or just the honey lust to bling up the look.

Here are the swatches. I used the fingers to swatch it. All colours besides Honey lust are really easy to work with. However, honey lust which is a luster finish has alot of fall out and the brush is not able to pick up a lot of the product. So when a brush is used the sparkles apply very sparsely on the lids. So how I apply the honey lust eyeshadow is either I used a sponge tip applicator or my fingers and just pat the colour where I want it to be. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Maybe I'll take pictures on how the look I created looks like.

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Clio: gelpresso pencil gell liner mini

Hi Everyone!!
Here are swatches of the Clio - gelpresso pencil gell liner mini! and a bit of what I think about it

Here is the how the packaging looks inside and outside. I really like the packaging because it's really compact. Perfect for traveling. Also there are 5 different colours so you can experiment with different colours and see what colour compliments your eye colour. Not only can you experiment with one colour, you can use different combinations of the colours and make different looks.

Now for the swatches of the eyeliners. 
Left to right the colours are
1) pink pearl colour
2) Olive colour
3) Purple colour
4) Bronze/Brown colour
5) Black colour
Thees eyeliners are quite pigmented also they contain some glitter. Not all of the colours contains glitter but there are also some metallic shades. The glitters from the eyeliner doesn't really show up when you draw it on. This can be a good or bad thing depending on you. If you like glittery eyeliner or liners without glitters. The eyeliner is abit hard when you draw it on your eyes but for it its not that bad that I feel like it's tugging the skin on my eyes. The lasting power of this liner is average. It does smudge easily which is a plus for me because a lot of eyeliners smudge easily on my eyes and I end up with panda eyes.

I'm not sure where eyes this eyeliner is available but I got it in a Olive Young store which is in Korea.
Hope this post was useful!! :)

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

July & August 2012 Favorites

Hey guys!!!
Here is the list of products that I have mentioned on my July and August favorites

Bourjois -  Healthy mix serum foundation in the shade 53 
Collection 2000 -  concealer shade 3 medium
L'Oreal - Lumi Magique shade 2 medium
MAC - empty quad palette
MAC - single shadows in brule, wedge, honey lust, espresso
MAC - paint pot in soft orchre
Chanel - illusion D'omber in 82 Emerveille
L'Oreal - infallible eyeshadow in 021 sahara treasure
Etude house - single eyeshadow in OR201 Glittering tangerine pendant
Clio - gelpresso pencil gell liner mini
YSL - waterproof eyepencil #1
YSL - glossy stain in 13
Bioderma - make up remover for combination or oily skin
Freeman - facial clay mask dead sea minerals to purify and clears pores
Olive Young - hair Velcro

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Looking Back: Summer Picnic

Looking through my iPhoto and saw picture and thought of posting blogs about the past~ Today's past post is ~~~~~~~~~ summer '12 (wasn't that long ago but still! it's the past) hehehe

This was taken at the start of summer '12. It was a great summer! My first summer in the UK~ It's actually my first ever picnic in the park with BBQ and stuff. As a kid I remember going to the park and having mini picnics with bags of chips and cookies. This time was my first legit picnic! and it was great! weeheheee!! hope you guys enjoy this pictures!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this short lovely post! 
see you guys soon xx

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Haul: Etude house Nail polish

Hi everyone!!! 
I've recently become nail polish crazeeyyyyy!!! I went to Etude house to buy some neon nail polish because I was going to an electro concert. Ultra Music Festival !!! It was amazing!!

but yea!!! back to the polishes!!! Here are the bright colours I bought.

All the polishes I got ~ 
nice and bright!
Swatches and colour names below!!! hehe

 NPK002 Powerful peach
applied two coats

NOR201 Crazy Orange
applied two coats

NBE101 Warning Yello
applied two coats
This colour isn't really flattering for my but I did something that make it work with my skin tone. Will post a tutorial or a blog post about it soon! 

So I thought I was done with nail polish but when I was looking around I saw this stunning colour! and the finish was very interesting. It's MATTE!! So cool yea! 

8호 민트쿠키 
#8 Mint Cookie
applied three coats
This polish was stricky also very thick I like the colour and the matte concept but I didn't like how it applied. So sad.. I really liked this colour.... 

but yeah that is it! The end of this post! pretty nails!!~~~ 
Hope you guys enjoyed it. See you guys soon xx

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